Tapping is now available on Salvagnini S1 punch-laser combi machine

The Salvagnini S1 punch-laser combi machine extends the range of machining available, including tapping thanks to an optional electrical tapping unit, which can house up to 6 different tools and can be installed to the side of the operating head.

The Salvagnini S1 is a versatile punch-laser combi machine that combines multiple operations in a single work center, offering productivity, flexibility, reactivity, and efficiency. It integrates punching and cutting operations, requires no re-tooling, and can be automated with various loading/unloading solutions. Salvagnini also provides a software ecosystem and digital transformation solutions for improved production management and monitoring.

Other news

MODULA LIFT ML50D vertical storage in Baku, Azerbaijan
Smart Storage Systems, a division of Italian Machinery Association is happy to announce that we have completed a project in Baku, Azerbaijan for Oil and Gas industry. In May 2021 we have finished installing 2 sections of MODULA Lift ML50D vertical storage. With a little over 7m in height and just 28m2 of footprint, both sections can store up to 70m3 of goods.
EMC FLEXY M1350 deburring and polishing machine in Kazakhstan
Italian Machinery Association is pleased to announce that an EMC deburring and grinding machine has been installed for a client in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
MODULA LIFT MX50 launched in Tallinn, Estonia
Smart Storage Systems, a division of Italian Machinery Association, has successfully installed and launched a MODULA LIFT MX50 Automated Storage System in Tallinn, Estonia.

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