TruTool FCN 250

With the Fiber Composite Nibbler you can cut all types of fiber composite materials cleanly, precisely, and flexibly.

Clean, precise, flexible

Manual cutting of fiber composite materials poses a real challenge in terms of precision and clean cutting edges. This often results in fraying and delamination. Additionally, cutting material can produce smoke and dust which poses a health hazard. Using the first nibbler for cutting fiber composite materials of all types makes these challenges a thing of the past. The 360° tool means that the machine can be rotated on the spot. This allows you to quickly and precisely process three dimensional workpieces as well as inaccessible areas, and always have a clear view of the cutting line. The machine also stands out due to its excellent performance on curves. The machine is ready to use fast. No setting work is required. You also work without feed force, which makes for swift, effortless work.

Chips and minimal dust

Nibbling produces only very little dust. This preserves health and increases occupational safety.

No delamination or fraying

With the TruTool FCN 250 you can cut with excellent dimensional accuracy and achieve a clean cutting edge.

Compact, lightweight, and ergonomic

The TruTool FCN 250 rests comfortably in the hand as it weighs only about 1.8 kg and features optimal weight distribution. You work without feed force and so reduce the force required to a minimum. This makes work swift and effortless.

Change without tools

You can change dies and punches quickly without additional tools.

Maximum material thickness, fibre composites  
Maximum material thickness 2.5 mm
Smallest radius 4.3 mm
Working speed (max.) 1.9 m/min
Nominal power consumption 550 W
Starting hole diameter 17 mm
Length 267 mm
Height 155 mm
Weight 1.8 kg

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